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Protecting personal smartphone data privacy

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

You should know that there is no absolutely secure smartphone. All these high-tech modern devices have their specific weaknesses. Some of them exploit vulnerable vulnerabilities from mobile operating systems, and some of them exploit vulnerabilities in security protocols. But the fact remains, most of the holes-user's fault.

We all know that the National Security Agency collects personal information from US citizens and tries to tell us how to fight terrorists. Well, these guys are targeting the weakest modern product-our smartphone. Mirror wrote that there were no mobile operators and no major manufacturers involved in the process, but this is questionable. As Verizon shows, this is the first large manufacturer. They treat users' personal data and sell them.A wifi jammer can prevent unnecessary data privacy of mobile phones.

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Your network operator can update your card for the DES encryption algorithm 3DES and prevent the possibility of installing third-party Java applets. In addition, you can change your SIM card to a more protected card without having to be an exploit card. If you suspect your phone is dangerous, the best solution is to use a wifi signal jammer device.

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