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WiFi jammer protects personal data of mobile phone

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

On the operator network, what can we do to ensure that our personal information is secure? First, it's wise to avoid sending secrets to data in this unreliable way. Keep your antivirus application updated, as many malware programs can access the network and can put you at risk. In addition, wifi jammer can be useful because you never know if your smartphone is infected, wireless jamming for sale keeping your personal information safe.

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The question remains: Can these networks be prevented from working, will this improve information security? But it is technically difficult to do this. First, if you use software methods to block access, employees are likely to use TOR or other anonymous services to get you. In addition, smartphones with mobile Internet access are not a miracle today, and most employees are probably one of them.

So, in most cases, the best solution is to use software to block access and use Wi-Fi networks to block the mobile Internet, which is why many companies install combined wifi blocker device in their offices. However, it is important to help employees understand why they are doing this.

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