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Please note that to ensure airport clearance safety, GPS jammers cannot be used arbitrarily!

Admin Posted on 2020-08-17

On the 18th, in order to ensure the safety of the electromagnetic environment of Mianyang Airport, the Airport Clearance Office, in conjunction with the Radio Management Section of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, the Airport Public Security Bureau, and China Mianyang Mobile Branch, conducted on-site investigations on the illegal installation and use of gps jammer that affect the electromagnetic environment of the airport.

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At 9:30 a.m., the investigating team assembled at the airport. After the division of tasks, they quickly reached the interference area. After radio monitoring, tracking, and handheld detection, they found the location of the interference source. It was in a private house in the fifth community of Banqiao Village, Economic Development Zone Two GPS jammers were discovered. The law enforcement officers of the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology delivered administrative law enforcement documents to the parties who illegally installed the GPS jammers, confiscated all the two GPS jammers, and conducted on-site criticism and education of the parties involved in the illegal installation. The Airport Clearance Office notified the director of Banqiao Village's Public Security Bureau of the incident and requested to strengthen management to ensure the safety of the airport's electromagnetic environment.

Safety is a major issue, so pay attention to safety when using jammers.


Please note that the illegal use of GPS jammers is an illegal incident and disrupts the safety of public communications