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Wifi signals include wifi2.4G, wifi5.8G and 3G/4G signals, which are the signal frequency bands used by our mobile phones. Radio equipment mainly transmits information in the 400 MHz range. It is much easier to find and acquire interfering devices on some frequencies than on others. For example, there are many popular radios that can broadcast in the 400 MHz band, so it is easy to find shelves that can block at these frequencies. Wireless security providers usually take steps to protect you from interference attacks. It uses a proprietary algorithm to distinguish accidental RF interference from directed interference attacks. With the right equipment and the right technology, it can block any wireless transmission.

We need to list all the frequencies used for transmission and perform targeted interference. Any system that receives wireless signals at a specific frequency may be overwhelmed by strong signals on the same frequency, and use wifi jammer to interfere with camera equipment.