How can I protect my laptop from wireless hacking?

Hi Guys! You know, I like to sit in a coffee shop and do various things on my laptop, from work to entertainment. But recently I heard about the Firesheep add-on for Mozilla Firefox, which allows bad guys to hack into your laptop over a WiFi connection. Can i avoid that?

Asked at 14:58 am on August 10

Habisch Leoky



If you want to use your portable computer in the afternoon in a cozy coffee shop with a WiFi hotspot and an open connection, you are probably not the only person logged into your personal Facebook, Twitter or eBay account. With the Mozilla Firefox add-on called Firesheep, its exploiters can get a glimpse of other people's browser actions when they are all using the same wireless network together.

While the illegitimate viewer cannot see secured web pages, multiple web sites only secure the login pages. After you are logged in, your permanent presence is only maintained by the cookies. These are packets of information that your own browser stores in order to keep an eye on all of your browsing requirements. Even so, Firesheep lets its exploiters copy your cookies. After that, the distinction between you and the account holder can no longer be recognized on any website you log in to, so you have unrestricted access to their profile.

You can't stop Firesheep from doing what it's doing unless you start smashing all the laptops around you. I hope you don't do that :) Nevertheless you can secure yourself. For this, you can buy a wifi jammer to block the WiFi signal around the laptop to protect it from outside interference.

Answered at 10:10 am on August 11



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