Can cell phone jammers block signals in other people's cars?

Hi Guys! I know I can use a cell phone jammer in my car to avoid distracted driving, but can I use it to block cell phone signals in other people's cars?

Asked at 18:38 am on August 18

Wilson Ksain



Using your cell phone jammer in your car is a very clever way to avoid distracted driving and make your and your family's life safer. I think you have a portable cell phone jammer and that's why you asked this question.

Whether you drive your car, your friend's car, or a relative of yours drives their car, you can use your cell phone jammer in any vehicle to ensure that distracted driving does not endanger your life and the lives of other people in the Automobile.

By the way, you can combine the effectiveness of cell phone jammers with GPS jammers if you use one of the GSM / GPS jammers. Not only will this help you avoid distracted driving, but it will also protect you from possible GPS tracking being applied to your car.

Answered at 10:40 am on August 20



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