How can I block my neighbour's TV remote control?

Hi Guys! I think I am not the only one mad at my neighbor and loud TV? Great! Then how can I prevent him from using the remote control?

Asked at 11:38 am on August 08

Gaffar Giffet



Cloth eared neighbors are a very loud and common problem for many of us : But if you don't want police involvement in this situation and you want to deal with it in a calm and civilized manner, there is one thing that you can safely use.

If you asked for the TV remote control, you did the right thing. Thinking along these lines is perfect thinking because almost all people will not bother going to their television if the remote is unresponsive and will prefer to change the subject of their activity to something else, like reading a book.

So the goal is the TV remote control. They may have different operating frequencies, but our TV remote control jammer is prepared for that. There are few of them so you can easily choose the ones you need. By the way, not only can they block TV remote controls, but also other types of remote controls.

And don't forget that even if he or she has a satellite TV, you can handle it too.

Answered at 09:40 am on August 10



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