Is there a waterproof cell phone signal blocker?

Hello, I recently heard a lot about the Jammer Do you have a recommended waterproof Jammer here?

Asked at 15:40 am on July 24

Stephanie Iruela



A long time ago, many friends consulted Waterproof Jammers. We have a powerful portable jammer that meets your requirements, is easy to install, and has waterproof function that you can install and use anytime, anywhere. This waterproof cell phone signal jammer can effectively block bluetooth 3G 4G WIFI GSM cell phone signal. The Mobile Phone Jammer prevents the mobile device from receiving signals from the base station by transmitting the same frequency. The compact size of the interference output is 40W. It will effectively block all specified signals within 40 meters radius. You like one, you just need to buy it.

Answered at 15:40 am on July 26



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