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Jammer is the inevitable product of the growth of the security industry because the industry occupies a central position. The known signal jammer blocks the barrier, but also extends the open portable signal jammer, portable jamming, ceiling jammer, electric jammer and others.

The interrupt effect can be controlled digitally so that it forms a quiet area within the restricted area; when activated, the wifi jammer will completely block the initiation or reception of wireless telephone calls, allowing the administration to control all allowed communications. WiFi Bluetooth wireless video audio jammer is a precision high-performance jammer. It can be worn and used anywhere.

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6 Bands Desktop High Power CDMA GSM DCS PHS 3G 4G WIFI Frequency Jammers

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3 Bands Portable Mini GSM 3G GPS Blockers Jammers

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The first contact is interference many years ago, when the function is used in some business interference. Followed by the rapid growth in technology, different wifi jammer are opened, using the categories also followed to improve product quality is extended to several industries, airfield hospital, library, college entrance examination hall and and so on.

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Newest Portable WiFi Jammer 3G 4G GPS Drones

Professional suitcase portable high-power mobile phone jammer is used to block the mobile phone 3G 4GLTE / WIMAX Wi-Fi2.4G / 5G GPS LOJACK UHF VHF signal, 4-6 antennas high-power drone jammer model for customization, Has a strong interference ability.


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