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Portable gsm disruptor tool

The company uses GSM jammer to block voice transmission and photo transmission from camera phones, thereby preventing the company's espionage. There are rumors that the hotel chain has installed blockers to prevent guests from using mobile phones and force them to use built-in phones at high prices.

The meaning of interference technology is good and bad. What matters is how we use it. For example, blockers are usually used in the right place. But it is undeniable that some people use it to do bad things. Of course, today we are not talking about the correct use of the blocker, but about the detailed analysis of the blocker itself.

The jamming device controls the phone by transmitting signals at the same frequency and high enough power so that the two signals collide and cancel each other. If the phone encounters low-level interference, it is designed to increase power, so the jammer must recognize and match the phone's increased power.