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People come to this bright city for shopping, museums, sidewalk cafes and romantic evening walks. Then, a group of people watched the atmosphere of the European hangar and asphalt, a huge biennial military exposition spanning the exhibition space near Charles Airport. Charles de Gaulle. The exhibition aims to showcase European ground systems, but it is also a place where the latest technologies and innovations are best practiced in Israel's generally secret defense industry. The Netline communication technology in Tel Aviv won the "now completely different" award, which demonstrates the history of improvised explosive device prevention and prevention. One of the smallest jammers. On the counter of the company's gentle stand, there is a GSM jammer, a round object whose size and shape resemble a medieval pomegranate, used in urban spaces. For the control of foreign direct investment (FDI), “the reason why the city works is because of the problems of crowded streets and crowded buildings, and because traditional antennas cannot work, small jammers are needed”, Rowling Heim (Rowling Heim (Director of Netline) Cayzer said. ) Enter PJP, it can be deployed on windows (for example, before intrusion) or in alleys (for example, before patrol), but if you must deploy it on three floors, it is better to give it to you The former high school pitcher of his team, he still weighs 2.5 pounds.