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The reporter noticed it first. They were unable to call the editor when they were interviewing the weddings of rich and famous people. They asked the pastor why their mobile phones had never been used in the Sacred Heart Cathedral. His answer is: Israel’s counterintelligence.

In the four churches in Monterrey, the Israeli-made GSM jammer is about the size of paperback books and are neatly hidden between Madonna's paintings and statues of saints.

From religious sacred sites to Indian parliament to Tokyo theaters and local trains, the loud multicolor noise of loud mobile phones is increasingly frustrated by devices designed to help security forces eavesdrop and prevent phone-triggered bomb attacks.

After politicians ignored the turning off of cell phones and the legislative session was continuously interrupted, the Indian Parliament set up jamming signals.

In Italy, the university discovered that mobile phone addicted teenagers cheated by texting or taking photos for tests and started using this blocker.

The four Roman Catholic churches in this northern city use equipment from Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. After importing them from the Tel Aviv insurance broker as a personal favor of the priest.