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A major issue is the prisoner’s ability to contact witnesses before an upcoming hearing, trial or appeal. By comparing without justification or correcting the conflict in the testimony, the defendant can win a ruling that reduces or completely rejects the allegations. The most terrifying concern held by correctional institutions is that prisoners use undiscovered mobile phones to warn other prisoners before accidental searches, which may seize mobile phones, knives, drugs, syringes and other contraband. For educators and medical personnel working in one of the most unfavourable and dangerous working environments at present, this contraband may constitute a life-threatening situation.

Guards have tried to prevent cell phones from entering the prison. They can prevent the phone from being unusable once in, instead of fighting that defeated battle. The role of prison cell phone GSM jammer.

Cell phone jammers in prisons have become a necessary addition to the tools needed to detain prisoners. Mobile phones are getting smaller and smaller, making it easier for prisoners to smuggle into the facility. This has brought more arduous work to the correctional staff who have already paid, but the mobile phone blocker is the answer to restrict prisoners' use of mobile phones for potentially dangerous activities. The use of cell phone jammers may also force prisoners to use phone lines approved/supervised by the prison.