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A few years ago, a Florida man was fined $ 48,000 by the Federal Communications Commission for using illegal GSM jammer while driving to prevent nearby drivers from using cell phones. I can contact. I bet you can too. In California and at least twelve other states, it is illegal to hold a cell phone while driving. But that doesn't stop people from doing this. During the day I encountered these stupid self-proclaimed fools who threatened themselves and those around them by talking or texting during the trip. This is why I am calling on the auto industry to install signal jamming technology on the steering wheel so that drivers (not passengers) cannot succumb to the temptation to play with gadgets while driving 3000 lbs. 'steel for an hour at over 60 miles. It is true that things are complicated.

Rosemary Shahan, President of the Sacramento Advocacy Organization Automotive Reliability and Safety Consumers, said, "If parents choose to put their children in the right position and develop safe driving habits, it will be a real safety benefit." She said to me, "However, if this is seen as a way to change the behavior of all drivers, it seems unlikely that people who perform poorly using cell phones tend to buy this option." Shahan observed that if This technology is mandatory, so "In an emergency, if you cannot safely get off the road or use the phone to navigate or get route instructions, and you can reach 911 , what should you do?" These are big problems. But we are facing a big problem.