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Ham radio gsm scrambler

Washington-BAE Systems has received R&D funding from the US Army for the development of advanced radar GSM jammer technology. The technology aims to improve the air survivability and mission efficiency of the US Army rotorcraft and UAV systems by detecting and overcoming complex and unknown threats in electronic warfare.

According to the contract, the R&D team of BAE Systems FAST Labs will develop technologies that allow adaptive radio frequency interference and detection functions to be integrated into the system. Although today’s electronic countermeasure systems are too large and cumbersome for most rotary wing and UAS platforms, BAE Systems technology combines multiple software programmable antennas into a digital phased array that can achieve simultaneous The function can surpass the existing function, and has the same size and reduces the weight and performance (SWaP) of the current system. This technology will enable these platforms to safely fly close to threatened and disputed areas while maintaining protection.