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How to scramble a gps tracking device

James Hasik, a senior researcher at the Atlantic Council and author of "Precision Revolution: GPS and the Future of Air Combat", said: "Anyone who wants it can have it." "To be honest, you and I can be in the basement. Build a GPS jammer quickly."

There are enemies. John Flint, program manager for Boeing Weapon and Missile Systems JDAM, envisioned a battlefield scenario in which the U.S. military would encounter a series of low-cost jammers used to cover up U.S. missile targets.

In April, Assistant Secretary of Defense Bob Work told a group of people at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, that guided ammunition and advanced weapons such as GPS jammers will be features of future ground operations.

The Ukrainian separatists supported by Russia and their national sponsors have "affirmed" the use of advanced electronic warfare equipment, and the Ministry of Defense has been working hard to determine its effectiveness in destroying command and control networks and GPS frequencies.