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All frequency signal jam disruptor

The function of audio jammer is similar to GPS jammer, but in a different way. These are small devices that produce unique sounds to protect confidential conversations from external eavesdropping devices. Randomly masked sounds make the microphones in this area insensitive, essentially rendering them unusable. This extends to various types of microphones and listening devices, including recorders, RF transmitters, hard-wire microphones, and shotgun microphones. The main goal is to ensure that private conversations remain private even if the eavesdropper is only a few feet away.

Unlike GPS jammers, audio jammers are not illegal because they will not interfere with the signals of government organizations or endanger public safety. In fact, they not only help protect your confidential information and conversations, but also help law enforcement, because as of 2018, recording conversations without everyone’s consent is illegal in 11 states. If you are concerned about protecting sensitive information in private conversations, audio jammers are a simple and legal option.

Needless to say, you want to protect yourself-your whereabouts and sensitive information. However, it is important to do this in a legal way so as not to put others at risk.