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Mini gps satellite blocker

More and more people often face illegal GPS tracking, therefore, GPS signal suppressor (jammer) can be a practical help to prevent any spy tracking attempts of the GPS tracker signal installed in your car . The gps shield can be powered by the cigarette lighter in the car. Very convenient and compact device that can suppress GPS signals. The working principle of the anti-gps system is to interfere with the transmission frequency of the useful signal. The greater the amplitude of the power noise generator, the less likely the connection of the noise generation frequency is, and the greater the influence radius of interference.

Please note that if you use GPS jammer for personal safety and privacy, it is legal to use GPS jammers, but if you deprive a third party of the ability to use various GPS signals, you are breaking the law. If you still don't know how to interfere with GPS signals, please feel free to contact our manager, we will help you get more information and choose the good items you need.