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How to scramble a sprint gps signal

GPS jammers are usually small devices that can be plugged into a lighter connector of a vehicle and send radio signals, causing the radio signals to drive faster or drown out weak signals such as GPS or other signals. Although GPS jammer is illegal in the United States, they are easily available online and are becoming more common as the use of fleet management tracking systems increases. At first glance, these devices may seem relatively harmless, but the possibility of damage is high.

The jammer at Newark Airport is a good example. Using a simple device for only $30, shut down the most advanced landing system at one of the busiest airports in the world. To make matters worse, the device user did not even try to do so. Imagine what if a person wants to cause harm?

Remember, GPS is not only used for navigation. It is also the main source of timing and synchronization in key infrastructures (such as finance, communications, industry, power grids, etc.). In fact, these infrastructures for timing and synchronization rely so much on GPS that the Department of Homeland Security has launched an initiative in recent years to raise awareness of threats and find solutions to protect these important systems.