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How the drone signal jammer works?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-03

In recent years, the use of unmanned aircraft (in this case, civil multi-rotor aircraft) has been increasing and concerns about their safety have grown. Many relevant departments, and even private individuals, want to do something to prevent drones entering sensitive area.

Drone Signal Jammer This unit consists of a portable main battery and a battery. The system adopts the antenna of the three-band transmitter, which can generate the interference of the flight control and satellite of the unmanned aerial vehicle in the range of 2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, and affect the return, landing and falling of the unmanned aerial vehicle to a certain extent. In terms of attack and defense status, the operator generally maintains a certain distance from the sensitive parts to be defended. The drone flew out from the driver and slowly approached the cordon. In close proximity to the defensive range and with reconnaissance and jamming capabilities, the distance between the UAV and the defensive range is generally much greater than the distance between it and the operator.

drone jammer

In this case, all signals from the surface (from land) will be attenuated. At the same energy, the defender's message will be better than the manipulator because they are closer to the unmanned aircraft. Defenders will also receive more logout messages. However, in order to prevent the signal received by the control system, the distance between it and the operator is like the distance between a defender and the operator. Therefore, there are no favorable conditions for the disturbance of the downline.

It can be seen from the above results that the impact on the uplink interference is relatively large. As it happens, the uplink signal is generally controlled remotely, which is related to the operation of the drone. Once the uplink signal is disturbed, it will lose real-time control of the signal and will only execute according to the preset program (usually is landing, hovering). The offline signals are mainly based on remote sensing and images, and there are also some sensitive information, but compared to the control signals, these are nothing, and the upper defense army does not have the absolute upper hand, so generally they will choose ignore.

In the above situation, all uplink signals sent by the operator (from the ground to the UAV) will be weak due to the distance. With the same power, the defender will have a stronger signal than the manipulator due to being closer to the drone. Defenders will also receive stronger downlink signals than manipulators. However, the defensive goal of the downlink signal is to prevent the operator from receiving it, and the distance from the drone jammer to the operator at this time is similar to the distance from the defender to the operator. Therefore, the blocking of downlink signals does not have a terrain advantage.

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