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Jammer one safer method of data protection

Admin Posted on 2019-10-23

From the state, the government, to the company, individuals, and network security has always been a difficult problem for everyone. From the simplest personal computers to the most complex computer applications, such as self-driving cars, these machines must be transmitted through information to function properly. Once the signal is disturbed, it will cause great problems.

People have done a research, auto-driving cars and human drivers, they are driving the same type of car, the roads are exactly the same, and they explore the reactions they have made. The study found that from traffic lights to detecting the behavior of other cars, autonomous vehicles must be safe and fast to detect and process information in order to make solutions such as turns and brake lights.

However, if the driver is in the middle of driving, if there is signal jamming, such as communication interruption, what effect will it have? The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign set up a research team to develop a method to avoid interference caused by such signals, called jammer. When buy jammer, check the signal to be shielded. Different types of jammers have different interference bands and ranges.

They believe that it is important to transmit data to the destination quickly and reliably in the event of signal jamming. Basar, director of the Center for Advanced Studies at the Champaign Campus, said: Remote sensing systems, network physics systems and network control systems, etc., provide prototypes that capture scenes that appear in many applications.

They divided the three parts into one category to counter the interference caused by signal jamming devices. Give an inappropriate example. Telephone communication and transmission of information by homing pigeons are very different. To transmit pigeons, you must first attach an indicator to the pigeon legs and then fly through each other until the destination. The recipient can receive the information transmitted by the pigeons. The grid has an error in any part of the backbone. If the middle is intercepted, the signal transmission will be interrupted. The phone is different. When a person picks up the phone, dials and connects, the other party can completely receive the information to be transmitted.

When the sensor, encoder and decoder work together, they act as a whole and share the next action. During operation, they did not completely block the operation of the jammer, but the jammers were not able to interrupt their communication transmissions to avoid major errors. Although the research was very effective, the solution was limited to one type of visit, and the researchers said that they hope to change this situation as soon as possible.

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