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Meetings use cell jammers stop employees phone using

Admin Posted on 2020-01-09

During the meeting, business managers encountered new challenges. When setting up tasks, most employees don't focus on the content of the meeting, and some secretly play mobile phones below. At the last meeting, only a few employees took notes, and more than 90% of them were using mobile phones. To improve efficiency, the company installed cell phone jammer that cost thousands of dollars. This site sells mobile jammers online.

We will use this device as needed to introduce the main electronic components of the jammer. There is a component called a signal blocker. Generate radio signals that interfere with mobile phone signals, and RF amplification will generate radio waves that interfere with mobile phone signals. The frequency of the signal is controlled by sending a voltage to the oscillator through the jammer. Wifi jammers produce electronic output in this frequency range.

As you know, mobile phones bring a lot of convenience to people, and employees use mobile phones during working hours. In this case, a mobile phone signal jammer is required. Currently, 4G mobile phone jammers are very common devices. According to people's needs, various types of signal jammers have entered the market. Mobile phone signal jammers can help monitor employees and can also be used for security and protection of information.

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