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Signal jammer is used on buses to create a quiet environment

Admin Posted on 2020-02-26

In recent years, there have been various news reports that people use signal jammer to create "quiet areas" on buses or trains. We warn consumers that the use of signal jamming equipment can cause signal blockage to other types of equipment, interfere with or interfere with other authorized communications equipment, and conduct import, advertising, sales or sales is illegal. Shipping such equipment. The Law Enforcement Office has a zero tolerance policy in this regard and will take strong action against offenders.

This mini GPS blocker is increasingly used by those who are concerned about their privacy. The scope of this group of personnel is very wide, including truck drivers who do not know what the boss knows about all aspects of travel, citizens who are worried about GPS tracking equipment on the vehicle, or all actions of ordinary people who do not want the phone company to follow the GPS mobile phone.

Hypothetically, in a mobile operating environment, when a freeway is traveling on a freeway with thousands of other vehicles at a speed of 70 mph, this will require very low power to block weak satellite signals. However, not all interfering devices are small. When I searched for signal blockers in Google, I noticed that some of them are high-power jammers with radiators and fans, which can cause interference in mobile phone signals, WiFi, 3G / 4G GPS frequency bands, etc.

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