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Drone jammers that play a huge role in electronic warfare

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Signal jammers paralyze a large number of radio alarms and connected objects. The same GPS signal jammer has been used for car theft. 70% of car thefts are through jammers and other electronic cards. Radio alarm paralysis allowed thieves to enter houses, shops or other locations without reporting their presence.

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How many thefts are made this way each year? It is very difficult to estimate theft with these GPS jammers, because by definition they are untraceable. However, the Home Office says 50% of the intrusions occurred without theft and intrusion, including many options. Or about 280,000 in 2016.

According to US researchers, signals that interfere with (and continue to interfere with) satellite navigation of aircraft flying in Israeli airspace come from Syria's Hmeimim Air Force Base in Syria. Russia is most likely trying to protect its troops in Syria, including drone strikes, in one or more ways through drone jammers and launching an active electronic warfare, but according to National Intelligence, Israeli sources "More and more convinced" that GPS outages for several weeks in the region's civil aviation "are a side effect of Russian radio jammer Syria".

Sistine Chapel use wifi jammer prevent data leaks

Vatican churches use wifi jammer to prevent others monitor