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Using drone jammer in prisons to force them to land

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Phone jamming is not new, as Jean-Jacques Urvoas has suggested to roll it out in 2016. 33,521 cases were seized this year, and this number continues to grow. According to the Ministry of Justice, three companies have since won the market with scalable technology that can respond to 3G and 4G and wifi jammer.

Le Figaro reported that accompanying persons will be gradually installed in 187 facilities this fall, adding that priority is given to "facilities designed to accommodate the most dangerous prisoners". A total investment of 14 million euros is planned over six years to use hand drone jammers in prisons.

The runaway of Redoine Faïd is noticeable, which also highlights the problem of drones flying illegally in prisons, and drone jammers can force drones to land or return to the underestimated Figaro Department, which stated clearly that About 15 cases were detected in 2016 and 2017. "This number is far below the feedback from colleagues. Jérôme Massip, a representative of the Prison Supervisors' Union (SPS), said on the phone that not everything was counted, and no one was cited Machine transfer.

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