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Protect personal phone information and privacy of private locations

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

This is mainly because we store a lot of personal information on mobile devices, sometimes even very sensitive information. What we are talking about includes text messages, contact lists, all files and data from the GPS module. This is dangerous because many websites can not only find IP addresses that can be easily exchanged with agents, but also use GPS data and cell tower triangulation to find us, which leaks our location information, posing a risk to our security, We can use a gps jammer that can interfere with cell phone signals.

The company has passed data about your position, gender, and age, so advertisers can now serve you relevant ads based on your location. Although this information eliminates the personality of this fact, it shows us that large cellular service operators can easily find us. You should know that this use of tracking browser data or data provided by satellite navigation is very useful not only for advertisers, but also for law enforcement.

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Fighting cybercrime or mobile fraud will be easier. On the other hand, it can also help various criminals. As we have already mentioned, not only GPS can be used for positioning, but also cell network data can be used for positioning. In this case, the three closest cell towers will be calculated based on your approximate coordinates. The only way to stop this-use a combined portable anti tracker gps blocker. This gps jamming device hides you in any kind of tracking.

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