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GPS jammer: the culprit for lost cars

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

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The reason thieves steal cargo from cars so effectively is the use of GPS signal jammers. To understand this, let us consider what happens when criminals use artificial interference to start a robbery. If the perpetrator buy a gps jammer, the device would stop positioning on the GPS positioning system. However, if surveillance technology is inadequate, it can take tens of minutes to alert the surveillance personnel to events.

Once a loss of signal is detected, a protocol to check for theft initiation is usually implemented, and the agreement varies from company to company. If the raid is confirmed, it is time to seek assistance from the authorities to rescue the unit. Unfortunately, the Mexican police structure polluted by bureaucracy and corruption does not always respond quickly. Criminals save precious time here.

Professional offenders know how surveillance centres and competent authorities work. He knew that the only information they had was the last position released by the satellite tracking system. Therefore, you will leave this place as soon as possible. If the previous stage is increased by one hour, it may be 100 kilometers or more, which makes recovery more difficult. There is currently no technology to stop the jammer. Some satellite tracking devices can detect the presence of jammers, but they can only detect and not obstruct them.

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