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Russia develops "insect repellent" drone jammer system

Admin Posted on 2022-09-08

As drones are increasingly used in modern battlefields, militaries of various countries have also paid more attention to anti-drone technology. The Russian army, which has been repeatedly attacked by small unmanned aerial vehicles operated by terrorists on the Syrian battlefield, has recently come up with many fantastic ideas to deal with the former threat.

According to a report on the website of Russia's Red Star TV on April 21, in the latest episode of "Military Review", technicians from Russian military enterprises demonstrated a variety of new anti-drone technologies, including drone jammer. The "insect repellent" electronic integrated system just purchased by the Russian army made its debut in this program. The system is a ground radio-electronic warfare integrated combat system designed to conduct electronic reconnaissance and radio interdiction/signal blocking of small UAVs in flight to combat the activities of enemy small UAVs.

The program video shows that the "insect repellent" system contains an electronic drone jammer that looks like a gun and can be manipulated by a single soldier. This weapon can lock the enemy drone flying within the line of sight, block its contact with the ground control station by transmitting a jamming signal, and then force it to land on the ground or "hijack", thereby causing the enemy drone to fail. Tests have shown that this drone signal jammer is easy to carry and operate, has high efficiency against small aircraft flying at ultra-low altitudes, and has good practicability.

drone gun jammer

In addition, a simple anti drone jammer nicknamed "Flying Net" was shown on the show. This equipment consists of simple woven nets and small drones. When in use, the Russian military drone hangs the woven net under the body, walks towards the enemy drone that has been detected by the Russian army, and uses the woven net to intercept and "capture" the enemy drone in the air. , so as to achieve the blocking effect. The system is inexpensive and easy to assemble, yet works wonders in intercepting small drones. It can be seen from the above equipment developed by Russia that on the battlefield in the future, the contest between drones and countermeasures is bound to be more intense.

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