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New high-power wifi signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-08-26

High-power mobile phone signal shielding system, effectively shielding all 2G/3G/4G mobile phone signals at home and abroad. This EO0803701US multi-functional high-power wireless wifi bluetooth jammer adopts a fully sealed independent modular output design. It is composed of a large aluminum alloy heat sink with high heat dissipation performance and several fans and chassis to form an efficient and intelligent cooling and heat dissipation system. The special rain-proof design ensures that the equipment is even in harsh weather environments. Stability of long-term working performance. Equipped with a dedicated high-gain directional plate antenna or FRP omnidirectional whip antenna, which has large transmitting power, wide shielding range, easy installation and management, and can work continuously for many years without stopping.
The device is suitable for shielding prisons, large detention centers, military bases, large conference rooms, large oil depots and oil and gas fields and other large areas that require information security and confidentiality.

high power wifi signal jammer


1: Using military high heat dissipation aluminum alloy heat sink and fan to assist heat dissipation, the equipment has a low operating temperature for a long time, and the performance is stable, safe and reliable;

2: Adopt technologies such as power amplifier overheat protection, overcurrent voltage protection, standing wave protection, etc. to effectively prevent damage;
3: The equipment chassis adopts a special rain-proof design, which is convenient for outdoor installation and use;
4: Each frequency band independently adopts a fully sealed modular output design, with strong anti-interference and high transmit power;
5:Using white noise broadband frequency sweep interference technology and high-gain directional antenna, the transmission power is large and the interference range is wide;
6:Select foreign high-performance integrated circuits and SMD components, with high integration and reliable quality;
7:Slow start circuit design to avoid the phenomenon of mechanical switch ignition.

How to install

1. First confirm the orientation of the communication base station, find a high point at the position facing away from the base station, and place the machine output port downward (rainproof);
2. Fix the antenna on the top or both sides of the machine with a pole, with its back facing the base station and the front facing the area that needs to be shielded (the antenna emission angle is 65 degrees horizontally and 13 degrees vertically);
3. Each antenna input port is respectively connected to the four signal output ports of the host through a half cable feeder, and one end of the power line is connected to the machine power input port correspondingly, and the other end of the power line is connected to the 220V power supply socket;
4. Turn on the power switch on the inner panel of the host chassis and the machine starts to work. After the machine starts to work, lock the chassis to prevent anyone from turning the machine on and off at will;
5. If the whole building needs to be shielded, the machine should be installed on the front or back of the building at a distance of about 20 meters away from the high point. The installation height of the antenna should be slightly higher than the building, so that it can emit interference signals at an angle of 10-30 degrees downward.

Kind tips

1. Do not place the antenna facing the base station or there are obstacles around it, otherwise it will affect the transmission effect;
2. Before use, the antenna must be connected to the output port of the host before it can be turned on, otherwise the host will be damaged.

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