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Mitigating GPS jammer impact on fleets

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

gps jammer is a cheap gps anti-tracker technology that includes eliminating radio signals or waves from GPS devices by diffusing stronger signals or their suppressors, often called interference. Criminals have been using it for some time to block signals from GPS tracking devices installed in trucks. This way, they can steal the vehicle or its undiscovered assets in transit. So if you own a fleet, it's important to know how to avoid GPS jammers.

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How do you identify and respond to GPS jammers situations? The first step in installing a good satellite tracking system on a truck is to know where it is and the communication prohibition system. The former are those who do not allow the GPS team to determine their location, while the latter are those who do not allow the GPS team to communicate their location to the control platform, preventing them from taking any action against them. Happening. Modern satellite tracking systems not only use the latest technology, but are also equipped with GPS interference detectors (communications) and motion sensors to determine GPS interference conditions (locations).

This technology allows you to connect sensors to various systems in a vehicle and the assets they transport to get real-time information about operations, locations and routes.

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