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Mandatory measures for schools using gsm blockers

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

Spokane, Washington-A school in Spokane, frustrated by the continued disruption of text messages and calls on mobile phones, has invested in a device that prevents phones from working. Spokane bought a gsm jammer online for dozens of dollars and just completed a three-day trial period to stop students who often play mobile phones in class.

Director John Hook said: "We just think this is something we want to evaluate." The Mead School District worked with the FCC to determine if the GSM jammers cheap price was legal before it was used again. The jammer is turned on during class hours and off during transit hours and lunch breaks. "We believe that during school, sometimes parents need to contact students, and students must contact family members, doctors, etc."

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School is the best place to learn: In school, students should follow the school's regulations, do not use mobile phones during the study period, and maintain good teaching habits. Using a gsm frequency jammer is not a good way to solve the problem, it is only a mandatory measure and it will cause many people to resist.

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