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Criminal uses a GPS jammer to interfere with car location

Admin Posted on 2020-03-19

After classes are suspended in some schools, car owners are often victims of theft. The parents of these students picked up their children quickly after school. Criminals used radio jammer transmitters to deactivate the door lock system of temporarily disturbed vehicles. The situation along the street side by side with a well-known school in the city. And in some large mosques during prayer.

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In the schools in question, the parents of the students expressed regret over the series of thefts. Management was informed of the victims of theft and attempt. If you want to lock the car remotely, the car will not work properly. Some people are eager to find their children and give up the urge to escort and go to school. But when they return, they are usually surprised by their seat condition. Before you go, think about how you lock your door.

Therefore, the information about the escape of the gps jammer was provided by the parents of the students, who discovered that as the children's bloodline declined, malicious elements robbed their parents. According to statements collected at the scene, the school administration was aware of this and even one person was arrested by the security forces.

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