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What are the electronic anti-jamming equipment in the military?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-18

According to statistics from relevant departments, there are more than 290 types of military signal jammer used by the US production and equipment troops, of which more than 130 are equipped for the Air Force, more than 120 are equipped for the Navy, and more than 40 are equipped for the Army. There are dozens of models produced and equipped in the UK and France. At present, the interference frequency range of foreign active electronic interference technology has reached 0

5~20GHz, the interference power can reach hundreds of kilowatts, and the pulse peak power can reach above megawatt level. The thickness of aluminum foil strips used in passive interference technology is 0.0008 mm. The effective reflection area of ​​1000 grams of chaff can reach 2×103~3×103 square meters, and the falling speed is about 0.35~2 meters.

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At present, the development trend of foreign military signal jammer can be summarized The frequency band of electronic interference continues to expand, and the interference power continues to increase. The early wifi frequency jammer produced in the United States can only work on the S-band, and the working frequency of jamming in the 1980s has reached 0.

5~18GHz, it is expected that the working frequency of the jammer can reach 40GHz at the beginning of the next century. In order to interfere and suppress the enemy's military electronic equipment, improving the power of the jammer and adopting the power management technology is an important way for the development of the jamming technology. The power of jammers developed and produced in the United States in the 1950s was only hundreds of watts, reached 100 watts in the 1960s, and several kilowatts in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the pulse power of the jammers reached megawatts, and it is expected to reach several megawatts at the beginning of the next century.

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