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GSM jammers in France

Admin Posted on 2020-08-17

The only places where laptop jammers should be installed are religious places like some temples or churches and of course large companies where it is considered that time is money and employees are not allowed to use their phones. when they are supposed to work. The mobile phone jammer can also be installed in some large theaters and cinemas or concert halls.

A few years before the gsm jammer came onto the market, this equipment was only used in the defense industry, but that has changed and nowadays it can be used by anyone to protect their privacy. In fact, one even comes to the conclusion that portable jammer (or gsm signal jamming device) is very useful and everyone should have one.

pocket cell phone interference

It also helps you remember to turn off your cell phone during an important meeting or during a play.

Legal gsm jammer features

When you start the legal cell phone jammer, you are literally blocking any mobile signal in an area within a given perimeter. In the case of the gsm network, the technology is the same as the technology used to disrupt radio waves. We all know that our mobile phones use antennas on a particular network in order to establish a signal. What a cell phone jammer does is simply transmit the same radio frequency as mobile signals and that way it breaks the connection between the phone and the nearest antenna. There are therefore legal gsm jammers in France!

Today there are many different types of mobile phone jamming and they are categorized according to their scope.

Their size varies depending on the required use. The larger the jammer, the larger its area of ​​action and the more expensive it will be.

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National Education does not want cell phone jammers at school