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GSM Jammer - Cell Phone Jammer

Admin Posted on 2020-08-17

A notorious phenomenon dating from the beginning of the 21st century, the advent of mobile telephony has been the scene of many abuses. These abuses, which are blithely benefiting mobile phone operators and cell phone manufacturers, can finally be slowed down by the use of equipment to jam the mobile phone waves in Europe.

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In some countries, the rules delimiting the perimeter of use of a gsm jammer are well defined, while other countries restrict themselves to certain limitations of use or simply prohibit the overall use of equipment making it possible to jam the airwaves. gsm, whatever the nature and objective of the interference sought.

Legal reminder on mobile phone jammers

The law tolerates the use in private places but formally prohibits the installation of a mobile phone jammer elsewhere than in penitentiary enclosures or in certain theaters which have experienced abuse and have been the victim of the general neglect that accompanies mobile phone jamming. from the beginning.

It is possible to follow the news in the field of the mobile phone jammer on certain important websites, the list of which we will soon unveil to help you understand the best possible uses and permitted by law.

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