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Portable gsm jamming and jammers

Admin Posted on 2020-08-17

Info on mobile and mobile jammers

Interference with electromagnetic waves is establishing itself as a reliable and legal means of prohibiting (or at least restricting) areas in which mobile devices are not welcome.

To begin with, you should know that the use of such gsm wave jammer devices is strictly defined by French law. It is essential to warn the visitors concerned of the presence of the gsm jammer equipment on the place in question.

Why a gsm jammer?

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The portable jammer makes it possible to render unusable any equipment using the gsm waves in a given perimeter. In summary, the use of the mobile device will be restricted in an area ranging from 10 to several hundred meters around.

More and more companies, organizations and associations are looking to equip themselves with a mobile phone jammer.

This trend makes the cell phone jammer a trendy piece of equipment that everyone will soon own.

Information on GSM wave jammers

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