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4G jammers keep you away from scammers

Admin Posted on 2020-10-28

Nowadays, many media outlets report that their information has been leaked for no reason. New York Times reporter Edward Wyatt (Edward Wyatt) recently said that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has signed an agreement with the operators. Notify customers when there is a risk of additional costs.

The agreement will take effect in a year and was proposed by the Federal Communications Commission after a year and a half of research. They called the bill shocking. Wyatt said the bill was shocked: "After customers get wireless bills once a month, they suddenly find themselves whipping or abusing voice and information services to collect sudden charges of hundreds or even thousands of dollars."

Most cellular phone contracts in the United States fix the rate at a range of minutes per month to be used for talk time and limited text messages. With the advent of modern smartphones and tablets (like iPads), their plans now contain a reliable amount of information.

After the holidays, or when your child is unable to restrict cell phone use, there seems to be a way to resolve the potential problem of excessive cell phone bills. To have complete control of the family cell phone situation, please use the 4G cell phone jammer to avoid billing and make sure you only pay for text messaging for phone and cellular plans and save hard won money!

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When customers in the US exceed these strict limits, the invoices generated are generally much more expensive than the monthly quota price, which is calculated at the price per share. Although many operators give their customers instructions on how to review their usage, many operators do not.

Wyatt has stated that due to the high costs sometimes caused by overuse and have become an integral part of the customer base, these carriers are lacking in goodwill and harming everyone. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that tens of millions of phone users experience these excessive usage charges each year.

It appears that the Federal Communications Commission is also concerned that the significant increase in the use of information has resulted in "the radio waves being completely submerged and wireless carriers finding that they ultimately cannot accept them". Download request ".

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