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The easiest way to avoid car accidents

Admin Posted on 2020-10-28

Many mobile devices, especially smartphones, become more and more dangerous for American drivers over time. Governors Highway Safety Association conducted a study of approximately 350 scientific articles to measure driver distraction while driving. The result can be a little shocking.

Lots of different things distract the driver along the way, creating a half-time distraction. Surprised?

While you may be distracted from eating, drinking (without alcohol, of course), talking to your passengers, applying makeup, music, and other things, cell phones and smartphones are the worst distractions known to exist right now.

Numbers, numbers, numbers ...

Speaking while driving is a common problem that develops over time. But texting while driving is even worse! When you speak with your headset, your hands are free and you are looking straight. If this is your cell phone or smartphone, one hand is free and you're still looking straight. However, your attention is diverted.

But texting is the devil. When you send a text message, look at your smartphone, not the street.

The previously mentioned GHSA study found that 25% of all car accidents (from minor to fatal accidents) are due to smartphone use while driving.

handheld jammer

We are all involved

If you're the business owner, chances are you're equipping your driving staff (fleet drivers, salespeople, etc.) with smartphones. Why? Because it's practical, modern, and necessary. If they talk or text messages while driving, the risk applies not only to these drivers and other road users, but also to your company's property.

Although there are many states that have bans or plans to use cell phones while driving, many people ignore those bans and continue to cause crashes and dangerous situations.

Emotions vs technology

Distracted driving is known to be extremely emotional. It could be your parents calling, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or some other important call. But please stop for the moment and think about one thing: is this phone call more important than your life and the lives of other people on the street?

It probably isn't.

So if you want a less disruptive driving experience and no temptation to answer the call, consider adding a cell phone jammer to your car. With a small storage radius that only covers your car and no other space, you will feel safe and comfortable during your trip.

It is about your health and your life, as well as the health and life of your relatives and loved ones. So take a few steps to keep them safe!

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