Can I use multi-frequency jammers to block separate frequencies?

Hi Guys! It is very interesting for me to know - can a selected frequency from the group of those blocked by a particular jammer be blocked without disturbing others?

Asked at 15:48 am on August 08

Jarstin Giffin



There are many multi-frequency jammers that can handle a few frequency bands at the same time. Despite their universal use, not all of them are able to block separate frequencies from all possible without disturbing the others at the same time. However, there are some exclusive models such as the Switched Signal Jammer where jammed frequencies may be switched on and off separately.

And there is more! The most advanced desktop jammer these days is known as the adjustable desktop jammer. Each individual jammed band among those you would choose to install on this jammer can be controlled by its own control knob that allows you to adjust the interference power of the frequency band or turn it off completely.

So you can buy either simpler or more complex jammers with switches for each jammed tape.

Answered at 10:20 am on August 09



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