Do you have Jammer to reduce your child's play time?

Recently, children are immersed in the world of the WiFi network and play games with Ipads, Iphones, computers, smartphones or other electronic products throughout the day. Particularly concerned about his learning, do you have a way to prevent him from playing games?

Asked at 16:12 am on June 15

Monribot Tony



WiFi brings convenience to our lives, but also brought us a lot of trouble, such as engaging in the online world, in fact, is not only children, many young people are also addicted to mobile phones, can not control themselves, this time we can use WiFi The strength of the signal jammer prevents them. The WiFi Jammer can cut off the wireless network and make the phone unable to connect to the network. As a result, the mobile phone cannot access the internet or play games. It is a very good tool to control cell phone playing time if you need it. Powerful WiFi Jammer, we can recommend for you.

Answered at 10:40 am on June 22



Is the jammer blocking one frequency or multiple bands simultaneously?
Do jammers have more antennas the better?