How to block the WiFi signal?

I've heard that smart device security is getting worse recently. Many hackers can use WIFI and Bluetooth signals to break into smart devices and steal personal data and bank accounts. Therefore, I want to know how to block the bluetooth signal to keep my smart device safe.

Asked at 16:38 am on July 18

Harden Christoper



Many public places now have fake WIFI and Bluetooth activated by hackers. If you are not careful, you can be hacked on smart devices. To this end, the China Network Security Research Institute has developed a device called wifi jammer. The device is designed to crack Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. It can effectively block surrounding WIFI and Bluetooth signals, preventing you from accidentally connecting to fake WIFI.

Answered at 10:20 am on July 20



Has anyone used a portable phone jammer?
How can we prevent children from using WiFi networks to play games?