Is it possible to block GSM / GPS tracking devices without blocking cell phones?

Hello! I need to block a GPS tracker installed in my car but the problem is my phone is working. I need to know what information the tracker is sending to a dispatch if I only block GPS. Thanks in advance!

Asked at 16:25 am on August 18

Mukul Pandyaa



Under normal circumstances, we recommend that you use a universal GSM / GPS signal blocker. However, as long as your mobile phone is working, this is not enough. It works when you have a CDMA phone so it continues to work while the GSM and GPS frequencies are disturbed. In this case, the tracker installed in your car will not be able to send information about your current location, speed, etc.

Otherwise, you will have to use a simple GPS jamming device that will block communication between satellites and the tracker. In this case, the tracker cannot determine your location, but it still has a connection to a dispatch and notifies it that the satellite signal has been lost. You should also consider the triangulation of the cell tower. If this tracker has certain software, it can find your raw coordinates between three nearest cell towers.

Also note that these trackers may have additional modules such as: Such as a fuel gauge, built-in accelerometer, and others that do not require GPS signals to function properly. All data collected with these modules are sent to a dispatcher via GSM frequencies and are visible to them, regardless of whether you have switched the gsm jammer on or off. So at we suggest that the best way here is to block both GSM and GPS frequencies and switch to a CDMA cellphone. Otherwise, data leaks can be critical.

Thank you for your question, I hope I was able to help.

Answered at 09:35 am on August 19



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