Has anyone used a portable phone jammer?

Hi, everybody! "Signal jammer is one of the most important equipment you can use in the office. It has a wide range of uses, whether it is a private event, it can definitely improve the conditions of any location, your office, company dormitory, etc. I don't know who it is in use?

Asked at 10:30 am on July 11

Hairster Haiss



Yes, and it works well in most cases. Not all portable jammer will block all cell phones or electronic devices. Some even block the wifi signal, which is painful for wireless mice, keyboards and even Bluetooth headsets.

But legally speaking, as long as the notifications that they are used for a specific purpose (called disclosure) can be clearly shown, and they are not used in the criminal process, they can be bought and sold.

Many alarm and cell phone technicians use them for testing.

Many schools, churches, Virginia buildings, government buildings, amphitheaters, restaurants, theaters, police stations, court buildings, etc. They can be used legally without special permission. You cannot use things that may interfere with emergency broadcast equipment (no, mobile phones are not emergency devices) or cover large areas, but be careful, open and pay attention to areas. Specific coverage.

Now, if you want to provide extended coverage, you need a special business license form issued by CRTC or FAC.

Thank you for your question and hope I can help you.

Answered at 11:00 am on July 13



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