Which jammer is the best

Hello everyone I don't know if this is the correct question, but anyway ... can someone tell me which jammer is better - large or small, high power or low power?

Asked at 15:50 am on July 28

Duran Hamish



Hello! Jammers are an inevitable product of the growth of the security industry, as the industry occupies a central position. Known signal jammers can block obstacles, but also extend the opening signal of portable jammer, interference from mobile devices, ceiling jammers, power to jammers, etc.

The two main types of signal jammers are portable jammers and Desktop Jammers. In short, portable jammers have the ability to hide easily, but the functions are not that powerful, while desktop gps jammers are bulky, big and powerful, and their interference range is wider, but because 'they cannot be hidden in your pocket It was created to be placed in a place and to work there.

Answered at 10:00 am on July 30



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