Are there any ideas how to interfere with Huawei 3G external USB modem?

I heard that Chinese spies can use Huawei's hardware vulnerabilities to track our traffic activity and get our personal information. I would like the ability to block this modem if I want.

Any ideas how to do it?

Asked at 17:20 am on August 07

Grongstad Robert



Yes, you heard that right, a few days ago the House Intelligence Committee released a report on the nearly year-long investigation into the factories and technologies of Huawei and ZTE. It was reported that these companies are deliberately creating vulnerabilities in their hardware so that wrongdoers can access it and obtain some personal or commercial information.

It is obvious that Chinese companies deny all of these allegations, but the Chinese government may have used these companies for espionage. Just think how much money our country loses every year to industrial espionage and why Huawei and ZTE were confused there.

Your external Huawei USB modem gives you mobile wireless internet access and transfers data using 3G networks. A frequency of 2000-2100 MHz is likely used and if you disturb this frequency band you will prevent any Chinese espionage! And Jammer-Mart will help you choose a suitable device! You can try using a regular 3G jammer but I'll try to explain why it's not an option.

You know, Huawei and ZTE not only make 3G modems, they also make 4G and Wi-Fi routers. Ant it produced even more wired equipment. So if you want to be completely safe from threats posed by these devices, it is better to use 3G, 4G LTE and wifi jammer.

Good luck and stay safe!

Answered at 10:45 am on August 08



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