How can I protect myself from people who use GPS trackers to terrorize others?

Hi Guys! Read recently about a man and his family from Ontario who were terrorized by unknown people who placed a GPS tracker under their car. Can I protect my car from this threat?

Asked at 14:50 am on August 20

Suman Kumar



You've probably read this story, and so have we. You know, after reading this terrible story, I can pretty safely say that due to terrible incidents like this, we are doing our job - the top priority for Jammer mart. is the safety and privacy of all of our customers. It is a great shame that there are such people in modern society who take advantage of technology with bad intentions and do some terrible things to other people, terrifying and harassing them.

They buy GPS trackers under the pretense of fleet tracking, but can stealthily and illegally use these devices in any car. You can check your car thoroughly on a regular basis, but I think it will be too much of a chore for you and it will definitely take up a lot of time that you should better spend with your friends and family. So that's probably not an option.

The Supreme Court has made its decision and now it is illegal to use GPS trackers without a specific warrant. If someone really wants to track your movements, this limitation does not prevent them from using the GPS tracker under your car. But there is another way to get around this terrible problem that can affect anyone these days. To protect you and your family from possible motion tracking, You can buy a GPS jammer to prevent others from using GPS trackers to intimidate you, protect your car from GPS tracking, and make your actions completely private.

Answered at 10:25 am on August 21



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