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Police use gps disruptor

There are so many car GPS jammer on the market, including handheld ones and plug-in ones (larger than routers). Which one is better? Let’s talk about the handheld first. Its advantages are small appearance, easy to carry, easy to hide, and standby when charged; but the disadvantage is that the shielding distance is short, the effect is very unstable during high-speed driving, and it is only suitable for small It can only stand by for about an hour after the battery is fully charged.

So plug-in, plug-in car GPS signal jammers are usually metal shells, with seven, eight or even nine antennas outside. This type of jammer can be directly plugged into the cigarette lighter when used in the car. When using the device in the garage, just plug in 220V. Its disadvantage is that the appearance is slightly larger and not easy to place, but the advantage is that the shielding effect is good and the distance is long. It can fully meet the needs of shielding even when the car is driving at high speed. It can also be used in the garage. GPS signal jammer can shield about 200 square meters under normal signal environment. It is a very good choice for mortgage companies at present!