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Gps signal blocking device

The use of GPS jammers by American civilians is also a problem

There is also the threat of GPS jammer in the country. Although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) considers GPS jammers illegal in the United States, they still exist.

In 2015, pilots flying to the Northeast Philadelphia Airport reported that they had lost GPS navigation signals as they approached the runway. The culprit was a truck driver. He was parked in a nearby parking lot and used a GPS jammer he bought to disable the tracking device in the vehicle.

Protect our GPS function

In 2018, Congress passed the National Time Resiliency and Security Act (NTRSA) to create a backup system for our GPS by the end of 2020. President Trump signed the bill in December, a few months before Diana Furchtgott-Roth assumed the post of Deputy Secretary of Research and Technology (OST-R) in the Department of Transportation (DOT).