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Mobile phone video jammers are mainly used to suppress interference and have a strong effect in suppressing interference. Generally speaking, video jammers are mainly used in the intelligence community, transportation, mines, elevators, hospitals, and hospitals. Financial institutions, for example, when the surveillance system transmits the image to the outdoor Jammer, the image will be very blurred, and the wear and tear will be greatly increased during the operation, so that the application video of Jammer is necessary, but you must pay attention to some skills during use , Xiaobian shares some tips.

The first connection of the GSM jammer video matching, we have to connect the video input terminal of the transmitter and the front end of the BNC connector of the camera video cable, and then connect one end of the transmission cable and the transmission end, according to any DVR or monitor output port Connect the video receiver, and connect the device to the final electronic receiver for subsequent installation. Before each street game, check the installation situation and check whether the cable itself is short-circuited. The video jammer device needs an external power supply of 12V. You should choose an appropriate power supply with high stability. In addition, you must install cameras and cables outside of... The video jammer should not be too long, only one meter, and then it is easy to cause interference, which will lead to reduced clarity. Wet, we have to do some sealing work.