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Gsm signal scrambler is being used a lot

The influence of large-scale use of advanced gadgets and complex electronic devices make work easier, but in most cases their negative characteristics have attracted people's attention. When we participate in interviews, seminars, or talk with customers, most of us may have fallen into an awkward situation of getting into trouble due to the sound of our mobile phones. The ringing of a mobile phone will destroy the atmosphere and annoy us. In the case of using cellular jammers and communication technology, the GSM/3G signal scrambler does not affect the functions of other electronic products other than mobile phones.

Portable gsm jammer is becoming an ideal choice for concerts, movie theaters, well-known organizations, temples and churches. Previously, it was only used in the defense sector. Moreover, it has been used in many other fields today. Therefore, the mobile phone jammer is a very useful tool, because even if people cannot turn off the mobile phone, the mobile phone jammer can work normally.

High-security places such as prisons and detention centers can also benefit from interference because it prevents illegal communications between prisoners and visitors.

The United States has allowed some prisons to use jammers to prevent prisoners from using mobile phones to avoid remote crimes. It is expected that the crime rate will fall further after such measures are taken. The prison has been negotiating with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to try to use jamming devices in some state prisons to prevent prisoners from contacting the outside world.

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